The Lush Hour Boutique Hotel / Wedding Cocktail Hour

Our latest cocktail hour installment was compiled by Luke Rizzo, aka “DJ Cloak Dagger.”  Ambient DJ is thrilled to welcome Luke to our senior staff of music mixologists.  Celebrating our new collaboration, Luke has prepared a cocktail hour playlist designed to capture the sexy spirit of the Manhattan nightlife.  Many of his track selections are remixes that are not easily found – let the hunt begin! (Note: we’ve included links to each song to make it easier). Artists remixed include Toni Braxton, Sade, Erykah Badu, Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran.

About DJ Cloak Dagger

Luke Rizzo, aka DJ Cloak Dagger, is a New York City-based DJ, producer, curator, taste maker and founder of the “Noc Boots” record label.  Luke is a permanent fixture in the NYC club, lounge, boutique hotel and loft scene with an impressive array of residencies under his belt ranging from a four year stint as artist in residency at the swanky Smyth Hotel in TriBeCa, plus a summer 2015 residency at Battery Park waterfront hot spot Le District.  Cloak’s smooth and musical mixes have been enjoyed at other Manhattan hot spots including Webster Hall, Penthouse 808, the Russian Tea Room – and my personal favorite – “Cielo” in the meatpacking district.

Signature Drink

For a signature cocktail, Luke has selected Le District NYC’s summer 2015 signature cocktail, the “Botanist.”  To create this libation, you’ll need “The Botanist” brand gin, Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic Cordial, Chilled Perrier, Grapefruit Oils, Fresh Citrus and Juniper.

Bonus Mixes

Below his playlist, please enjoy two free mixes.  The first – from Luke’s “Nocturnes” podcast series – features an impeccably mixed selection of deep, groovy lounge cuts.  The second mix – prepared in advance of Cloak Dagger’s upcoming New Year’s Eve appearance at Almond NYC is a peak hour commercial dance/EDM set designed to be unleashed at 11:59 PM.

To book DJ Cloak Dagger for your upcoming wedding or dance party, visit

The Lush Hour Boutique Hotel / Wedding Cocktail Hour Playlist – Compiled by DJ Cloak Dagger

  1. Cloak Dagger ft. Basement Love- Take Me There
  2. JackLNDN- Streams
  3. HNNY-Solisidan
  4. Paxton Fettel- Sundown As The Beat Gently Skips
  5. Promnite- Through The Nite
  6. Figgy- All That I Need
  7. Sade- Nothing Can Come Between Us (Pomo Edit)
  8. Erykah Badu- On & On (Vanilla Remix)
  9. Cherokee- Don’t Matter (Feat Darianna)
  10. Shawn Mendes- Stiches (3 Lau Remix)
  11. Bob Marley- Is This Love (Montmartre Remix)
  12. Ed Sheeran- Thinking Out Loud (Alex Adair Remix)
  13. Bruno Mars- It Will Rain (Jr Blender Remix)
  14. Chris Malinchak- If U Got It

Bonus Content

Enjoy DJ Cloak Dagger’s “Nocturnes Podcast (Episode 6)” at


For a sneak preview of DJ Cloak Dagger’s upcoming Almond NYC set this New Year’s Eve, take a listen by clicking here.

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  26. The Super Funky Soul Wedding Cocktail HourFunky Cold Medina (DJ Gregg Ambient). Click here.
  27. The Acid Jazz Wedding Cocktail HourGimlet (DJ Gregg Ambient). Click here.
  28. The 70s Soft Rock Wedding Cocktail HourMiller High Life (DJ Iron Mike). Click here.
  29. The New York State of Mind Wedding Cocktail HourBronx Martini (DJ Gregg Ambient). Click here.
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  34. The Psychedelic Wedding Cocktail HourDeath in the Afternoon (DJ Gregg Ambient). Click here.
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  36. The 90s Grunge Rock Wedding Cocktail HourWhiskey Sour (Guest Bloggers Pash & David). Click here.
  37. The Nice and Easy Wedding Cocktail HourDirty Martini (DJ Greg Nice). Click here.
  38. The All Beatles Wedding Cocktail HourBass Ale (DJ Gregg Ambient). Click here.
  39. The Savannah Southern Charm Wedding Cocktail HourSweet Tea Vodka Lemonade Mojito (Guest blogger Cindy Brown). Click here.
  40. The All Cover Versions Wedding Cocktail HourTecate Beer (Team Ambient) . Click here.
  41. The Giants of Jazz Wedding Cocktail HourJazz Martini (DJ Gregg Ambient) . Click here.
  42. The Smooth Jazz Wedding Cocktail HourKahlua & Cream (DJ Gregg Ambient) . Click here.
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  44. The Acquired Taste Wedding Cocktail HourFernet Branca (Guest Blogger DJ Toad) . Click here.
  45. The Jamaican Love Song Wedding Cocktail HourThe Hummingbird (DJ Jazz) . Click here.
  46. The Motown Wedding Cocktail HourThe Last Word (DJ Spinz) . Click here.
  47. The Broadway Wedding Cocktail HourThe Fuzzy Greyhound (Guest bloggers Kris & Wesley) . Click here.
  48. The 50 Shades of Grey Wedding Cocktail HourBottle of 1999 Bollinger La Grande Annee Rose . Click here.
  49. The Hip Hop Wedding Cocktail HourBottle of Cristal Champagne (DJ Iron Mike) . Click here.
  50. The Tropical Tradewinds Wedding Cocktail HourBarbados Rum Punch (DJ Marti Gras) . Click here.
  51. The Reggae Wedding Cocktail HourDirty Banana (DJ Sully) . Click here.
  52. The Mellow Country Rock Wedding Cocktail HourSouthern Comfort Cherry & Cola (DJ Gregg Ambient) . Click here.
  53. The Space Travelers Wedding Cocktail HourAstronaut (DJ Gregg Ambient) . Click here.
  54. The African Safari Wedding Cocktail HourCastle Lager Beer (DJ Gregg Ambient) . Click here.
  55. The Sunset Sessions Wedding Cocktail HourMojito (Guest Blogger DJ Troy Michael) . Click here.
  56. The 70s Soft Rock Wedding Cocktail Hour (Volume 2)Scotch on the Rocks (DJ Iron Mike) . Click here.
  57. The Bar Life Wedding Cocktail Hour Margarita (DJ Gregg Ambient) . Click here.
  58. The New Orleans Wedding Cocktail Hour Hurricane (DJ Gregg Ambient) . Click here.
  59. The Catchy Covers Wedding Cocktail Hour Southern Revival (DJ Gregg Ambient) . Click here.
  60. The Blues Wedding Cocktail Hour Blonde Manhattan (DJ Marti Gras) . Click here.
  61. The 80s 90s Something Wedding Cocktail HourZima (DJ Gregg Ambient).  Click here.

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