The Inspiring Ladies of Music Wedding Cocktail Hour Playlist

If the topic of love is a songwriter favorite, then the topic of women can't be far behind. This playlist features songs written in honor of a woman. For example, Michelle (the Beatles), Peg (Steely Dan) and Gloria (Laura Branigan). The playlist starts on a slow and romantic note before enjoying an extended classic rock segment and an upbeat finish. More than an academic exercise, the songs selected needed to stand on their own merit - they are songs that we would consider for any wedding cocktail hour playlist!

Ambient DJ continues its tradition of selecting a signature drink for each wedding cocktail hour playlist. In honor of "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" by the Looking Glass (a band formed in New Brunswick NJ), we've selected the "Brandy Alexander" - a tasty mixed drink that combines cognac and creme de cacao. Cheers!

The Inspiring Ladies of Music Wedding Cocktail Hour Playlist - Compiled by DJ Gregg Ambient

  1. Mona Lisa - Nat King Cole
  2. Nancy - Frank Sinatra
  3. Donna - Ritchie Valens
  4. Angie - The Rolling Stones
  5. Michelle - The Beatles
  6. Amie - Pure Prairie League
  7. Melissa - The Allman Brothers Band
  8. Suzie Q - Creedence Clearwater Revival
  9. Suite Judy Blue Eyes - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  10. Cecilia- Simon & Garfunkel
  11. Mustang Sally - Wilson Pickett
  12. Peg - Steely Dan
  13. Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac
  14. Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) - The Looking Glass
  15. Joanna - Kool & The Gang
  16. Jezebel - Sade
  17. Valerie - Amy Winehouse
  18. Luka - Suzanne Vega
  19. Lola - The Kinks
  20. Delilah - Tom Jones
  21. Layla - Eric Clapton
  22. My Sharona - The Knack
  23. Gloria - Laura Branigan
  24. Lady Marmalade - Labelle
  25. Rosalita - Bruce Springsteen

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