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This past Friday, I accepted a longstanding invitation to visit the office and warehouse space of Eggsotic Events located in Hampton, NJ in Hunterdon County, NJ. Eggsotic Events is owned and operated by Egils Matiss (simply know as "Egg") and his wife Shelley. We initially became acquainted with Egg when he pulled us into a corporate event in the Princeton area in which his team transformed a corporate campus into a surreal Amazon rainforest environment.

Eggsotic Events is a premier event design and special event lighting provider offering artistic and elegant designs. Eggsotic Events not only designs events, but builds fantastic props and centerpieces. Its expansive list of themes includes Travel the World (e.g., Serengeti, Napa Valley), Nature (e.g., Four Elements, Nautical), Era (e.g., 1920s, Medieval), Sports, Movies & Entertainment (e.g., Casablanca, James Bond), Buddha Lounge, Zen, Fashion, Lounge Parties, and Black Light Glow Parties.

With a background in architecture and construction, Egils founded Eggsotic Events 14 years ago. Word-of-mouth referrals, and a hugely successful event held in Grand Central Station in New York City helped catapault Eggsotic to the next level. Fast forwarding to 2012, the Company now utilizes a ~6,000 square foot warehouse that is full of Egg's prolific artistic creations of past events. The numerous aisles of the warehouse are organized by theme. Many of these items were custom-built by Egg who is a skilled carpenter, painter and sculptor. The Halloween aisle of the warehouse was particularly interesting, containing bins of bones and several genuine coffins!

Upstairs, Eggsotic has a colorful and fun office space. While not present during my visit, Ralphy, a handsome Pekingese, is often found at the office to meet and greet guests!

Eggsotic's visual magic has transformed events including Fundraising Galas, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Super Sweet 16s, and Corporate Events. Eggsotic also creates corporate displays and pop-up store fronts. The Company works in the New York Tri-State area and beyond. Notably, Eggsotic Events recently helped design, produce and install a showcase Trade Show Booth for Virgin Gaming at the E3 Electronics show held in Los Angeles, with a product reveal by Sir Richard Branson.

Thank you Egils for the tour and we look forward to working with you again soon. For information on how you can give your party an "eggsotic" touch, visit

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