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  • The Music of Madonna - Super Bowl 46

    News that Madonna would be performing during the halftime show of Super Bowl XLVI drew mixed opinions. Since first cracking the Billboard charts in 1983 with "Holiday," Madonna's pop career has been amazingly resilient, with a slew of #1 hits recorded over three decades. While her "Lucky Star" career has faded with time, nobody can deny that Madonna at 53 years old looked and sounded great at last night's Super Bowl show. Her costumes were particularly glamorous. The only possible blemish was that M.I.A. (another favorite of ours) acted out during "Give Me All Your Luvin" flipping the bird! The network was not pleased.

    Congratulations to Kim R., Amanda E. and Lorenzo A. for correctly guessing the opening song of Madonna's show as "Vogue." Earlier in the day on Super Bowl Sunday, we had posed this interesting question on our social media sites. With Madonna's massive catalog and creative flair, this was not an easy question!

    Following are fifteen of our favorite Madonna tracks for your next dance party!

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  • Wedding Music Central- Company Profile

    In this article, we spoke with Gloria Sklerov and Barbara Rothstein from the Los Angeles-based Wedding Music Central ( Wedding Music Central offers the only line of unique wedding music CDs and wedding music downloads created by Grammy and Emmy-winning hit writers. In other words, brides are no longer limited to “off the shelf” commercial music, and can now enjoy music composed specifically for weddings.

    Ambient DJ initially connected with Wedding Music Central (“WMC”) on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Impressed by their deep knowledge of wedding music, we were delighted when Gloria and Barbara graciously agreed to be interviewed for a feature story on our blog. Wedding Music Central provides a valuable array of services for couples seeking wedding music that is unique, appropriate, and will maximize the emotional impact of their special occasion.

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  • 20 Songs for Valentine's Day

    It's that time of the year to show love and appreciation for our significant others. In addition to the chocolates and flowers, why not present a custom Valentine's mix CD? Custom mix CDs are inexpensive, and unlike roses, will last for many years!

    Listed below are 20 suggestions. For an additional enhancement, consider recording a personalized voice message and adding it as a track to your project. Ready to pop the big question and propose? Record your proposal and add it to the playlist. The following track can be the Dixie Cup's "Chapel of Love" for when she says yes!

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  • Lessons for Disc Jockeys from Steve Jobs

    In 2011, the world lost a modern day pioneer and visionary, Steve Jobs. Jobs, the driving force behind Apple, fought cancer for a number of years but not before linking up with renowned biographer Walter Isaacson. The resulting biography of Steve Jobs is a riveting story about a creative genius who leaves behind an enduring legacy.

    This book will appeal to many readers: to Apple fans, to those interested in business and personal success, and to those fascinated with Jobs’ intense personality that frequently clashed with those around him. This blog article explores takeaways from Steve Jobs relevant to Mobile Disc Jockeys. What can we learn from the life of Steve Jobs?

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  • 5 Tips to Avoid Spoiling a Teen Dance Party

    A teen dance party such as a Sweet 16 is a highly anticipated life event. Unfortunately, these parties can be spoiled by the unfortunate actions of a few. Left unchecked, these negative elements can result in a party being shut down early by the banquet staff (or police). Below, we offer five tips to ensure that your party is a stunning success!

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  • Dinner Music Selections for a Wedding by DJ Spinz

    At Ambient we pride ourselves in providing the perfect soundscape to accent your wedding day! Below we have compiled a list of tunes that work extremely well during the dinner portion of wedding receptions. Our aim is to provide an atmosphere of love and affection, while also maintaining a certain energy level as to not "bore anyone to tears". Read on to see some of our favorite selections for Dinner Music.

    Bon Appetit!

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  • Ambient DJ Service Wins 2012 Bride's Choice Award

    East Windsor,NJ – January 24, 2012 – WeddingWire, the nation's leading wedding Marketplace, is excited to announce Ambient DJ Service has been selected to receive the prestigious WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2012 for DJs!

    The esteemed annual awards program recognizes the top local wedding vendors from the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism within the wedding industry. While many industry awards are selected by the organization, Ambient DJ Service was selected based on its stellar reviews from past newlywed clients.

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  • Old School Hip Hop - Playlist

    As per Wikipedia, "Old school hip hop (also spelled "old skool") describes the earliest commercially recorded hip hop music (approximately from 1979–1984), and the music in the period preceding it from which it was directly descended. Old school hip hop is said to end around 1983 or 1984 with the emergence of Run–D.M.C., the first new school hip hop group. However, some old school rap stations cover 1980s hip hop in general, occasionally extending even into the mid 1990s. The image, styles and sounds of the old school were exemplified by figures like Afrika Bambaataa, The Sugarhill Gang, Spoonie Gee, Treacherous Three, Funky Four Plus One, Kurtis Blow, Fab Five Freddy, Busy Bee Starski, Lovebug Starski, Doug E. Fresh, LL Cool J, The Fat Boys, The Cold Crush Brothers, Kool Kyle, and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five,and it is characterized by the simpler rapping techniques of the time and the general focus on party related subject matter."

    Following we list some of our favorite "old skool" party jams (defined as 80s hip hop), but paying particular homage to the early 80s. Please leave comments with our own favorite selections!

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  • 25 Recommended Songs for a Video Slideshow

    One of our most popular upgrades is the "Video Slideshow." A slideshow of 5-7 minutes long (recommended length) is projected onto a large screen, with the audio for the presentation run through our professional sound system. To maximize the emotional impact of a slideshow, you will need to select the perfect accompanying music.

    Listed below are 25 suggestions for songs to be played during a video slideshow that will emotionally move the celebrant and guests - perhaps to tears. In parentheses, we have listed what type of party the song would be best suited for. Note that songs that typically are "over the top" for general party music (think Celine Dion), are often excellent candidates for slideshows! Please comment with your own song suggestions.

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  • The Best Music of 2011 - The "Ambies"

    Well, 2011 is nearly a wrap and it's time to take a walk down memory lane.  If we were on the 'Board' of an artistic academy (such as for the Grammys), what artists and songs would we nominate for the 'Best of' 2011?

    In lieu of an the Academy, Ambient DJs' staff members - as well as several industry friends, opined on their nominees for the "Best of 2011."  Contributing DJs include DJ Iron Mike, DJ Spinz, DJ AllDay, DJ Greg Nice, DJ Brett Gash, DJ Garrett B., DJ Austin, DJ "Stav the Greek," DJ Gill "the Dream" and myself, DJ Gregg Ambient.  Keep in mind that our esteemed academy is based in Central NJ, a land where dance music and hip hop reign, and country music is seldom heard.

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